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Master Degree in Management

Management qualification has to confirm the requirements of State standards of higher education in the Management direction: "Master of Management should be prepared for effective professional research, pedagogical and analytical activity in the field of management of the organizations of various forms of ownership and in the functional areas of management, such as human resources management, marketing, logistics and others.”

The basic types of master of management activity are: carrying out comprehensive programms of scientific and applied researches, teaching of the disciplines relating to the Management direction, conducting analytical and advisory work in the field of management.

Spheres of master of management professional activity are the research organizations, consulting firms, average special and higher educational institutions, analytical divisions of establishments and the organizations ".

Within the Management direction the faculty conducts preparation according to the program:

«Natural resousces management»
The purpose of the "Natural resources management" Master’s Degree programme is to educate specialists in the field of natural resource management, environmental management, sustainable development of regions and densely urbanized territories. This educational programme includes disciplines of specialization, such as cadastres of natural resources, natural resources monitoring, environmental engineering and environmental expertise, innovative use of mineral resources, legal aspects of wildlife management, licensing, land law, and other. The main emphasis of the training process is in the formation of an integrated multidisciplinary approach to solve the pressing problems in the environmental management and the sustainable development of regions. A particular part of the course is dedicated to the development of experience in management, using simulated models on regional systems in rational wildlife management, training of personal decision-making and team-working skills.